Senior School

Religious Studies


The Religious Studies Department at Abbey Gate College encourages pupils to discuss what belief is, gain an understanding of different religions and investigate ethical and moral issues. Key aims of the department are;

  • To stimulate and maintain an interest in Religious Studies.
  • To develop the pupils awareness of the relationship of modern day events to religion.
  • To enable pupils to have an understanding of the different religions and to help them become more tolerant adults.


The curriculum covered in the Religious Studies Department are as follows;

Year 7

What is belief and what has religion got to do with me? Why we here and what happens when we die? Pupils look at these questions in relation to the six major religions in Britain today. They also research the God’s, symbols, holy books, places of worship and festivals of these religions.

Year 8

Prejudice and what makes people prejudice forms the basis for study in Year 8. Pupils look at people who have, with their faith fought for justice and if racism still exists today? They investigate the ideas ‘Can peace defeat war’ and does evil exist?

Year 9

Pupils build on prior knowledge of the main religions in Britain today and look at making moral decisions, ethics and human rights. Attitudes towards genetic engineering and religious teaching on stewardship of our land are also investigated.

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