Senior School Uniform – Day Wear


• Blazer with College Crest – (Designated School Uniform Supplier)

• Black trousers (Tailored trousers of a formal style ie regular or tailored fit, worn at waist height and touching the shoe – commercially available).

Styles that are not suitable include: slim or skinny fit and any made of jersey fabric, leggings or jeggings.

• Black skirt – (Permanent pleat – Length: on the knee – commercially available).

Styles that are not suitable include: tube, skater, pencil or any made of jersey fabric.

• White collared Shirt/Blouse – Short/long sleeved

• School Tie – House colours (Available from College)

• Black socks – worn with trousers

• Black tights

• White ankle socks – (Summer Term only with skirt)

• Black shoes (Formal style, polishable, flat heeled – commercially available).


• Mid-grey jumper with College Crest – (Designated School Uniform Supplier)

• Black/Navy/Dark Green single-coloured anorak/overcoat (commercially available).

• Scarf – (Available through College)

• Knitted Hat – (Available through College)


• Small stud earrings may be worn but overall appearance must remain smart and formal.

• Other jewellery, nail varnish, tattoos or any other visible piercings (including bars, ear lobe extenders, nose rings and studs) are forbidden.

• Hair should not be dyed an unnatural colour or be excessively short. Long hair must be tied back for certain school activities if required for health and safety reasons.

• Light, natural looking make-up may be worn.

Designated School Uniform Supplier is School Blazer: schoolblazer.co.uk

It is important that all property should be marked clearly with the owner’s name.

Sixth Form:   Sixth Form members are not required to wear a school uniform.  However all students are required to dress in a smart business suit.  Full details of the requirements for Sixth Formers are available separately.




Studded boots
Shin pads
Games sock (long)
Blue Rugby shirt
Games polo (white)
Tracksuit with College logo
Blue shorts
Optional: hoodie and base layer
Swimming trunks


Astro trainers
Shin pads
Games socks (navy)
Games polo (white)
Navy skort
Tracksuit with College logo
Optional: hoodie/base layer
Swimming costume

Hockey stick/tennis racquet – purchase optional. If a regular team player, these items should be purchased.

Gum shields for boys and girls must be worn for Rugby and Hockey and in accordance with relevant Sports Association guidance.

A large games bag should be provided to hold games kit and shoes. An extra plastic bag will be needed for swimming kit and dirty hockey/rugby boots etc.

It is important that all property should be marked clearly with child’s name.

Suppliers: All school uniform and bags should be purchased from:

Please click here for a brief guide video on how to shop on the Schoolblazer website.