An A Level in Business may not make you a millionaire by the time you are 21 (although there is a chance it could!) but it will provide an exciting insight into the dynamic world of business, giving the basic skills necessary to produce a business plan and help to manage your own company. You will learn that every business decision has financial implications, and be taught how to calculate profit, forecast cash flow and analyse a firm’s published accounts alongside investigating into what is the key to business success.


Lower Sixth:

AS Level Business (Edexcel) During the AS Level qualification, you will explore the following Themes in Business:
Theme 1 – Marketing and People
Theme 2 – Managing Business Activities This will give you an overview of the 4 functional areas of business; Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations Management. The AS qualification is assessed by two written examinations both lasting 1 hour 30 minutes with each weighted at 50% of the qualification.

Upper Sixth A Level Business (Edexcel)

If you choose to carry on studying Business to A Level, you will explore Themes 3 and 4 in addition to Themes 1 and 2 which include:
Theme 3 – Business Decisions and Strategies
Theme 4 – Global Business All four Themes will be assessed by three written examinations each lasting 2 hours.
All the examinations within this course comprise of data response questions which requires you to apply your knowledge to a business case study.

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

There are plenty of trips organised to put theory learnt in the classroom into practice. Some previous trips throughout the years have included; Porsche, Toyota Manufacturing Plant, The co-operative, Typhoo Tea, Chester Zoo and Jaguar Land Rover. The Young Enterprise Company Programme is also run at Abbey Gate College were students are given the opportunity to create and run their own business with the guidance of a teacher and Business Advisor. Previous teams have been extremely successful and even made it to the National Final in London.

Rooms and resources

There is a dedicated Business room which overlooks the stunning countryside and has the use of an interactive whiteboard. The department utilises ICT during lessons by using Quizziz and Kahoot. Specialist text books are issued and are used in conjunction with a wide-range of additional text books, ICT and audio-visual materials.