In Drama at Abbey Gate College, pupils develop both a practical and theoretical understanding of theatre in its broadest terms, covering acting, design and production.

Key aims of the department are to:

– Aid pupils to develop their performance skills in order to create considered characterisations.

– Expose pupils to a wide range of theatrical styles and genres.

– Develop the ability to critically analyse and evaluate performance work.

– Develop key skills including, communication, collaboration and creativity.

– Give pupils the ability to ‘step into the shoes of others’ to develop social, cultural and moral understanding.


The A Level Drama curriculum covers:

Exam Board: AQA

– Explore three extracts from contrasting plays and perform one for assessment (or work as a designer).

– Complete a Reflective Report on scripted practical exploration and influences.

– Devise and perform an original live piece of theatre inspired by a theatre practitioner (or work as a designer).

– Complete a Working Notebook of evidence to support devised practical exploration.

– Analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance.

– Explore the direction, performance, and design of two contrasting set texts.

Assessment –

– Written Exam: 40% of the GCSE.

– Practical Exams (plus written NEA): 60% of the GCSE.

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

As part of their studies, GCSE and A level pupils regularly view professional theatre performances each term and attend workshops with directors and theatre companies.

Rooms and resources

Drama and Theatre is taught in the school Theatre and Drama Studio with multimedia and state of the art lighting and sound facilities.