Drama and Theatre

Our exciting Drama and Theatre curriculum

Drama and Theatre


You do not have to want to be an actor to feel the advantages of taking A Level Drama! If you want future employers to be impressed with your ability to think on your feet, work to deadlines and be an awesome team player, then this is the course for you! You will have the chance to learn about new and dynamic (and some slightly bizarre!) styles of theatre, create your own pieces from scratch and analyse hard-hitting and gritty plays from theatre history. Drama can open so many doors for you; take the challenge this course offers!


In AS/A Level Drama pupils will:
Study OCR AS/A Level Drama and Theatre.
Perform and live version of an extract from a play.
Complete a portfolio of evidence to support practical exploration.
Analyse a play.
Learn skills and techniques attributed to a range of theatre practitioners and create theatre in a style from a key theatre influencer.

Study Frankenstein, Othello and The Crucible and analyse each text practically to discuss in a theory paper.
As all Drama specifications are going through changes, we are currently undertaking training in all the exam boards to help us choose the board which will best suit and challenge our students at Abbey Gate College. Below is a general overview of what the courses will offer and opportunities available to the students:

Lower Sixth: This year, you have the opportunity to develop your own version of an existing play. The group is solely responsible for the direction, casting, blocking, technical aspects of their performance, giving you a real sense of ownership. Students can be examined on acting, design or technical skills for this exam which not only makes up a large part of the AS, it is also a fun and satisfying experience as you will have such an immense sense of achievement at the end of it! We also study some of the most influential texts in theatre history and you are required to become a director and write about your directorial ideas in a written exam at the end of the year. We also study live theatre and analyse the impact it has on you as a member of the audience.

Upper Sixth: The challenge continues this year as you are not only have to create another performance, this year you are required to devise and write the piece as well! You can pick a style and topic of your choice and create a performance which is not only an interesting watch, but is entertaining, memorable and influential over your audience. We study further texts and analyse them at an even deeper and more engaging level this year too!

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

Throughout both years, we engage in numerous Theatre trips to enhance our knowledge including some further afield to London and Stratford-Upon-Avon!

Rooms and resources

Drama and Theatre Studies is taught in the school Lecture Theatre with multimedia and lighting and sound facilities.