English Language
English Language


English Language is a flexible and adaptable subject in which your opinions and responses matter. You will learn to think critically and to define language; specialist terminology will enable you to communicate your ideas effectively. English Language also gives you the opportunity to develop your writing skills and further your knowledge of the spoken word. We all need to communicate and express ourselves coherently; it is difficult to think of many degrees and occupations where such a skill is not essential. Typically students of English Language have careers in the law, the media, journalism, management, human resources, speech therapy, teaching, among many other opportunities.


We follow the AQA English Language specification.
In Lower Sixth, there are two AS Level units.
Unit 1: Language and the Individual, focusing on textual variations and representations, in which students apply methods of analysis. (Exam: 50%)
Unit 2: Language Varieties, which covers language diversity and attitudes towards it; methods of analysis and written skills are tested in this paper (Exam: 50%).

In the Upper Sixth, there are three A Level units building on the skills and knowledge developed during the Lower Sixth course.
Unit 1: Language, the Individual and Society; as well as revisiting textual variations and diversity, children’s language development (0-11 years) is also studied (Exam: 40%).
Unit 2: Language Diversity and Change, extends the study of language diversity into language change (Exam: 40%). In both papers writing skills and language analysis methods are tested.
Unit 3: Language in Action, for which students produce a language investigation and a piece of original writing (20%).

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

As part of the study of children’s language development, students visit the junior department and have the opportunity to work with pupils as they learn to read and write.

Rooms and resources

There are three dedicated classrooms and a smaller A Level teaching room, each featuring a data projector, interactive white board or Smart TV. The Department has a wide range of texts and visual resources for students to study which is updated annually.