Government and Politics
Government & Politics


We can’t ignore Politics. We are affected by its decisions every hour of every day. This impressive and respected A Level, therefore, facilitates an understanding of government that will be professionally and personally invaluable. If you care about people, society, and the future of you, your friends and your family, then you will find Politics a stimulating and vibrant subject to follow.


Government and Politics is about how you are ruled and what part you can play in this system. It looks at the UK parliament and Prime Minister, its American equivalent, elections and voting behaviour as well as broader political ideologies including the now discredited fascism.

Lower Sixth: Government and Politics A Level has not yet been reformed, so you will take two AS level examinations (each 90 minutes long) that will count towards your final grade. This year you will learn about how the Houses of Commons and Lords work, what the British government and its Civil Service do, and how we elect our leaders at Westminster as well as in Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and Strasbourg. The questions on which you will be examined will be worth 5, 10 and 25 marks each time. You will need to give a balanced argument but these last answers are short essays only.

Upper Sixth: In year two we move across the Atlantic and study the workings of American government. We look at the US Constitution – revered by so many – before embarking on a detailed investigation into the workings of Congress. After that we look at the US presidency while also immersing ourselves into fundamental political ideas that include conservatism and liberalism. There are two further examinations at the end of this year – again lasting 90 minutes each. There is no coursework in this subject.

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

All A Level students will be offered the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament in the autumn of their first year. We will also have an audience with our local MP, and opportunities for political seminars are regular.