Sixth Form Students Testimonials

Head Girl – Fran

Head Boy – Charlie


Testimonials – Class of 2020/21

I chose Abbey Gate College Sixth Form for its welcoming and caring environment. Every student is valued and, most importantly, respected. The school thrives in music which I feel privileged to be a part of. In a time when the Arts are being forgotten, it’s great that Abbey Gate holds this as a key part of College life, Abbey Gate to me, isn’t just a school, it’s a family!

Joseph M

For me Abbey Gate College Sixth Form has provided me with the perfect balance of independence whilst also being supported every step of the way. The warm, friendly environment allows me to feel safe while learning, knowing the teachers have my best interests at heart. I will leave college being proud of the person Abbey Gate College has shaped me to be.

Rachel L

I chose Abbey Gate College Sixth Form because I liked the small and warm environment provided. The class sizes are perfect, and all the teachers are welcoming.

Tristan W

I chose to attend Abbey Gate College Sixth Form due to the nurturing and enthusiastic learning environment. Abbey Gate offers so many opportunities and has helped me achieve my best, reaching my full potential. I joined the College in Year 9 and was welcomed into the community and settled in very quickly. The small classes mean it is easy to focus and as an English Subject Ambassador I have learnt skills I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn anywhere else.

Elizabeth G

I am able to be myself and thrive in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Ffion S

I chose Abbey Gate College due to numerous opportunities it offers and for the caring and enthusiastic environment. The College helped me to achieve my goals and reach my full potential. The teachers here really care and want you to be successful.

Isabella A

I like how it is a community and everyone supports each other. The classes are small which makes learning easier and the teachers are friendly and helpful.

Amy K

The College has a very friendly environment and I like how the classes are small, so you get one to one support. I feel like I can ask for help whenever I need it and all the students are really friendly.

Amy C