Vision, Mission and Aims
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Vision, Mission and Aims


To be the school of first choice for families who seek a personalised, caring, and safe educational environment, with excellent curricular and co-curricular provision, and a commitment to preserve, protect, and progress the world we all share.



We are committed, within our safe and caring community, that each one of our pupils will become the best that they can be, and have the self-belief to go forward into this changeable world with courage and with compassion.


We pursue our whole College mission, guided by 3 defining and aspirational aims:

Self: each pupil cares for their mental and physical wellbeing; learns and achieves to their individual potential; and is content, comfortable and confident to be who they are in our diverse and inclusive College.

Service: each pupil makes a positive difference to the lives of others in our College, as well as in our local and in wider, global communities.

Sustainability: each pupil contributes towards preserving and protecting the planet we all inherit and share, and has the opportunity to be creative and innovative; to help further humanity’s progress in the future.