The Charitable Trust which runs the College has a policy of keeping the parents’ commitment as low as possible.

Termly Fees

The day to day running costs of the College are covered by the Termly Fees payable on or before the first day of each term in advance for each child. As from 1st September 2021 these will be as follows:

  • Infant School (Foundation – Infant 2) – £3,128 per term
  • Junior School (Year 3 – Year 6)  – £3,174 per term
  • Senior School (Year 7 – Year 11) – £4,551 per term

The termly fees are subject to review annually by the Board of Governors. A full term’s notice of any changes to termly fee levels will be given.

Compulsory Additional Costs

The following costs are additional to the termly fees:

  • Senior School lunches £250 per term
  • Infant & Junior School lunches £220 per term
  • Fees for external examinations for which pupils are entered are payable before the start of the term in which the examinations take place
  • Some books required by A Level and GCSE pupils are chargeable
  • Parents should also take into consideration the cost of providing the College uniform

Sibling Discounts

A 5% discount on termly fees is available for the second child of the same immediate family, rising to 10% for the third and subsequent children provided they are attending the school concurrently.

Optional Supplemental Charges

There are a number of non-compulsory insurance schemes available to parents:

Please note that a full term’s notice is required for withdrawal from any of these schemes.

In addition to the schemes listed above, the College participates in a Personal Accident Scheme for pupils that is already included in the termly Fees.

Spreading the Cost

You can spread the cost of the Termly fees across the 12 months of the year, should this be of interest. We are aligned with School Fee Plan, who offer Credit Agreements

Find out more about School Fee Plan