Abbey Gate College 6th Form Pupil Abbey Gate College 6th Form Pupil

As a Sixth Form student, you are on the brink of adult life, and new opportunities and challenges lie ahead in whatever path you choose to take afterwards.

We offer a broad range of A Level subjects, taught by committed and caring subject specialist teachers in smaller class sizes. These form part of our overall innovative and challenging Sixth Form programme, which aims to prepare you as fully as possible for your individual future, so that you will thrive.

Abbey Gate College Diploma and Diploma Plus

At Abbey Gate College, we have always encouraged and celebrated the breadth and depth of both our students’ academic studies and the wide-ranging excellence of their co-curricular activities, alongside their well-rounded characters and leadership potential.

Recent surveys have confirmed our thinking as both a Higher Education Institute report and a Times Educational Commission report stated what we have always thought – that breadth of study (both in terms of number and variety of subjects) is the best preparation for university and the workplace. In that spirit, we are pioneering a new qualification that is bespoke to Abbey Gate College and tailored to the individual academic and personal needs of our students.

The Abbey Gate College Diploma builds on the current provision of 4 AS/A Level subjects for the majority of our students alongside the significant take up of the Extended Project Qualification and subject-specific MOOCs. To this, we have identified some key areas of development to our complementary provision and thus intend to offer additional qualifications in Core Mathematics (for those students studying A Levels with mathematical content but not Mathematics itself), IT skills qualifications and the Certificate/ Award of Personal Effectiveness alongside the traditional qualifications. Likewise, we want to recognise the way in which our students engage with the many co-curricular and leadership opportunities on offer at the College in developing such a rich and diverse array of skills.

The Abbey Gate College Diploma celebrates the unique contributions of each student to the wider College life through our Self, Service and Sustainability Agencies and will culminate in an Abbey Gate College Diploma Awards evening for students, parents and staff.

Our aim is to lead and coach you during these critical, formative years, so that you may leave us at the end of Sixth Form having achieved the best you can academically with a clear sense of who you are as a person and how you can go on to make a positive difference in our world – with courage and with compassion.