Our excellent pastoral care focuses on developing pupils emotionally and intellectually. Our learning environment is welcoming and the development of a culture in which self-confidence, mutual respect and hard work is created throughout the College.

All pupils are members of a Form and Form Time is built into the timetable to enable each Form Tutor to get to know their pupils and to monitor both academic and social progress.

The House System is also an important aspect of the pupils’ lives at Abbey Gate College as this encourages healthy competition between pupils and staff as well as enhancing the sense of community.

The relationships between pupils, teachers, support staff and parents is very strong. The first point of contact for pupil and parent is the Form Tutor who works closely with senior members of the Pastoral Team. Through the VLE parents are able to access information about pupils progress and to view regular updates on progress. Parents are also invited to Parents’ Evenings and to other events hosted by the College.

In addition to the daily support available for all pupils we provide a supervised Homework Club which is available each day between the end of the last lesson and 5.45pm.

Learning Enrichment

At Abbey Gate College we place the child at the centre of all we do. The Learning Enrichment department aims to ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to unlock and fulfil their potential.

We understand the complexities of SpLD’s and how pupils may learn in different ways to their peers. Subject teachers share the responsibility for supporting pupils with learning differences and we strive to remove potential barriers to learning. All pupils are educated in small classes, and pupils with SpLD’s receive support through differentiated teaching and learning opportunities.

Additional assistance maybe available for pupils with Dyslexia, provided by experienced specialist teachers.

Learning Enrichment lessons may incorporate the development of;

  • literacy skills
  • study skills
  • revision strategies
  • exam technique

We place high emphasis on using multi sensory strategies for learning. We help pupils appreciate and develop their individual learning styles, encouraging them to identify their strengths and to look for opportunities to shine.

Ultimately we aim to make the learning experience enjoyable, whilst developing successful, independent learners.