Upper Sixth Biology Field Trip to the River Alyn thumbnail image Upper Sixth Biology Field Trip to the River Alyn Published on 28th October 2022

On Wednesday 12th October, the upper 6th A-level biology students took part in a team expedition to Loggerheads country park in Wales to complete a field study about the biotic and abiotic (living and non-living) factors affecting the population of shrimps in sections of the river Alyn.

It was a grey, overcast day, but the spirits of the group were high as we were excited to put what we had planned over the past week in class, into practice.

That was until we got into the river itself, you’d think that with multiple layers of socks, thick, durable wellies, and comprehensive waterproofs we had prepared sufficiently, however nothing could prepare you for the chill of the water. But, once it was in your boots and your feet were soggy, the real work could begin.

Data collection involved variables such as pH, temperature, and flow rate, as well as the catching of shrimp using kick nets. It was incredibly fascinating trying to separate captured species of freshwater invertebrates with a plastic spoon and pipettes, but when anyone caught a fish, we all erupted with celebrations!

After our day of research, breaking equipment (the culprit shall remain unnamed…) and nearly falling in multiple times, we headed back to the bus (just before the heavens opened) for clean, dry socks and boots. We headed to the nearest café for a hot chocolate treat, courtesy of Mrs Dolan.

All in all, a great time was had by everyone.


Charlie J