A Level Results – Abbey Gate College Bucks the National Trend!! thumbnail image A Level Results – Abbey Gate College Bucks the National Trend!! Published on 18th August 2022

Abbey Gate College, the 4-18 independent school situated South of Chester in historic buildings and beautiful grounds, is celebrating superb A Level results for this year’s Upper Sixth students.

The expected reduction in headline outcomes across the country is being reported, between last summer (when grades were determined by schools at the height of the pandemic) and this summer (when grades are based upon a return to standardised examinations and external marking). However, despite all the challenges that the Upper Sixth students and their teachers have had to overcome, results at Abbey Gate College have actually continued to improve.

Impressively, nearly half of all grades were A* or A, and almost 80% were A* to B. To the teachers’ and students’ credit, final achievements were, on average at individual level, about half a grade more in each subject than national expectations; indicative of the excellent added value of this inclusive, nurturing, and committed school. Several students gained at least a full grade more than standardised predictions, and some even achieved over two grades higher!

Abbey Gate College Sixth Form offers a personalised approach to post-16 academic learning and character development, structured around the College’s defining mission and aims, and supported by its three pillars of Self, Service, and Sustainability.

All students deserve fulsome commendation for their results, and of particular interest are:

  • Joe, who joined the College in Year 10, achieved (A*A*A) – significantly above his prediction profile – and is going to Lancaster University to take a degree in Business Management and Industry.
  • House Captain and Social Committee member Elizabeth (A*AA), who organised the first College Ball since 2019, and also achieved grades much higher than her statistical predictions. Elizabeth will go on to study Geography at Exeter University.
  • Soprano Sophie (BBC), who has worked hard to achieve these grades, well above her prediction profile. Sophie has also externally qualified in an Extended Certificate in Singing, with a score of 97%. Sophie will be studying Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, London.
  • Head Boy Ciaran (AAA) is thrilled to be able to study Medicine at Keele University, and his results are also much higher than those predicted against national norms.
  • Deputy Head Boy Joe (A*AB) will study Music at Manchester, and similarly far exceeds statistical expectations. Joe has role-modelled excellence in every aspect of his involvement with Music in College, and has been stalwart in leading and supporting other pupils and their musical aspirations.
  • Sportsman Zak (A*AA) is equally delighted with the excellent results of his commitment and effort, again exceeding expectations, and will study Sports and Exercise Science at Loughborough University.
  • Congratulations also go to Robbie (A*AA), who achieved a superb improvement against nationally predicted grades. Robbie will study Computer Science at the University of York.
  • Marta (A*A*AA), who was a lead Peer Mentor and Charities Co-ordinator while in the Sixth Form, will be studying Economics at the University of Bristol. Marta joined Abbey Gate College in Year 9 and had to learn English as well as settling into her new school.

The Head of Abbey Gate College, Mr Jenkinson, said of the results: “I am so pleased for and so proud of our students. They and their wonderful teachers have been through so much in recent years and to actually improve upon last year’s excellent results is a real testament to their collective dedication, resilience, and self-belief. I have every confidence that this group of young people will go on to make a positive difference in our troubled world, with courage and with compassion. Their achievements are the result of so much hard work and effort. We are all delighted for them and wish them every happiness and success in the future.”