GCSE Results 2022 – Abbey Gate College Continues to Improve, Challenging National Trends thumbnail image GCSE Results 2022 – Abbey Gate College Continues to Improve, Challenging National Trends Published on 25th August 2022

Following on from last week’s extremely successful set of A Level results, Abbey Gate College is today celebrating further, notable GCSE achievements from their 2022 Year 11 pupils.


Despite national headlines reporting a reduction of ‘top’ grades as exam procedures return to the pre-pandemic norm, the College has again seen results actually improve against last year’s.


At Abbey Gate College, over a quarter of all grades were at 9 or 8 and about half were at 9, 8 or 7. One in four students achieved eight or more Grade 9/8/7 across all subjects.


As a smaller, nurturing, independent school, Abbey Gate College is justifiably proud of the improvement in results, with students across the board gaining substantially higher outcomes than national, standardised predictions would expect. Several gained at least at least a full grade higher in each subject, and some as much as three grades higher! This is a fantastic achievement that demonstrates the hard work, commitment, and resilience of the pupils and staff.


As the College prepares to welcome pupils who have chosen to study their A Levels in the newly refurbished Sixth Form area in the stunning Saighton Grange site, Head Mr Jenkinson said: “I am so pleased for all of our pupils. They have had to manage many uncertainties and challenges during their GCSE years, and to finish this stage of their education so strongly reflects very well on their collective determination, perseverance, and effort. Their teachers have supported and taught them so diligently throughout, as well, and I know that they are also delighted with these results. We are looking forward to seeing so many of this year group return in our Sixth Form, where they will benefit from our enriched programmes of study and personal development, within a personalised context and upgraded facilities.”