Abbey Gate College Host The Year 8 ISA North Netball Tournament thumbnail image Abbey Gate College Host The Year 8 ISA North Netball Tournament Published on 9th February 2024
In Early February, our netball team participated in the Year 8 ISA North Netball tournament hosted at our Senior School, Saighton Grange. Nine schools competed in the event, meaning a very busy day of netball!
A team of our Sixth Form helpers to hand ensured a smooth start and flow to the tournament with accurate timings and scoring applied throughout – a big thank you for all their help on the day!
Our girls put in huge effort to all of their games, winning 5 out of 8 possible matches with our highest scoring game ending in 18-1.
Our top goal scorers were Tess W, Grace E and Izzy S, helping us gain the best advantage in games.
A huge commendation and congratulations must go to our three Year 7 students who played up a year and were able to keep up with the fierce competition even being a year younger than most there!
Overall, through grit and determination our girls managed to come 4th in the tournament, and qualified for the national finals in Rugby. We wish our girls the best of luck for the next stage of the competition.
Thank you to all the visiting schools who competed – it was a lovely day with very high-quality netball played and sportsmanship demonstrated.