Abbey Gate College Identify Sports Stars of the Future thumbnail image Abbey Gate College Identify Sports Stars of the Future Published on 6th February 2020

In February, Project MVP, a national fitness testing and data analytics company, visited Abbey Gate College to put 50 of their most gifted and talented athletes through high tech fitness testing.

The wide range of tests, that are used worldwide by talent identification coaches, tested pupils’ speed, strength, agility, aerobic fitness and power.

The young athletes approached each test with fantastic competitive spirit. Tests included the isometric mid-thigh pull, the pro-agility test, the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test and the vertical jump.

Throughout the day pupils remained motivated and displayed great focus.

Analysis of the performance results and feedback enabled pupils to decide if they are competing in the sport that is best suited to them and how to perform at their best on an ongoing basis.

A personal profile was provided to each pupil to help them reach their physical potential and to the College’s PE department to enable them to spot sports stars of the future!