Abbey Gate College Pupils Take Part in Fit4Feb Challenge! thumbnail image Abbey Gate College Pupils Take Part in Fit4Feb Challenge! Published on 28th February 2023

Pupils at Abbey Gate College Infant and Junior School recently participated in the Charlie Waller Trust’s Fit4Feb challenge, an initiative aimed at promoting physical activity and mental health awareness. The challenge involves 28 minutes of continuous physical activity, and in this case, our pupils ran laps around the playing field at school, either in relay teams or individually.

The event was a huge success, with some Year 6 pupils managing to complete an impressive 23 laps, which is just over 9km in the allotted time!

But more than the distance covered, one of the best things about the event was the pupils’ supportive nature towards one another. Older children were seen running alongside our youngest pupils, showing the very caring nature of Abbey Gate College and proving once again that while we are a small school, we have an enormous heart!

The Fit4Feb challenge is an excellent way to promote physical activity, especially during the colder winter months when it can be more challenging to get children outside and active.

Overall, our pupils should be commended for their efforts in taking part in the Fit4Feb challenge and for supporting each other throughout the event. Initiatives like this not only promote physical activity and mental health awareness but also foster a sense of community and teamwork amongst pupils.

By the number of huge smiles on their faces, it’s pretty safe to say a fantastic time was had by all – a huge well done to each of them!