Brothers’ Tae-Kwon-Do Dedication Brings Success thumbnail image Brothers’ Tae-Kwon-Do Dedication Brings Success Published on 22nd November 2022
Brothers Caelan (Yr 7) & Luca O’Keefe (Yr 10) have been steadily working towards their Tae-Kwon-Do gradings with dedication and determination.
Caelan, from Year 7, was awarded his 2nd Star Black Belt in October this year. He ha s trained for the past 2 years since receiving his Black Belt to gain his 2nd Star Grading.
Caelan plans to continue his training to achieve his 3rd Star Black Belt before training for his 2nd Dan.
Luca, from Year 10, was awarded his 2nd Dan Black Belt in October. This grading can only be achieved after a minimum of 4 years training from receiving a Black Belt.
Luca was the youngest student to achieve his 2nd Dan Black Belt. He will continue his training towards a 3rd Dan Black Belt.
It is a fantastic achievement for the boys who have been training consistently at least twice a week for the past 8 years with Universal Taekwondo Academies.