Expeditions season starts…  Year 9 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Practice thumbnail image Expeditions season starts… Year 9 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Practice Published on 23rd May 2022

Year 9 began their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award experience last week. They started with a full day’s training on Wednesday with specific delivery of first-aid scenarios and the importance of diet and nutrition. An introduction to understanding route cards in terms of contours and distance to walk was also covered.


On Friday morning, the start of their practice expedition, the pupils embarked from the College grounds. They headed out into the local countryside, and despite some showers of rain interrupting the warm weather, everything went to plan.


All the pupils worked their way along the route with instructors through Farndon and Holt before finally arriving at the campsite.


The scout camp provided an ideal environment for the pupils to use; with an impressive round of cricket and the perk of a playground. There was also space to impress with their cooking skills – involving a variety of crunchy pasta! A good nights sleep for most due to the physical exertions of the day meant Saturday and the glorious sunshine was one to enjoy with a slightly different route on the way back to Abbey Gate College.


The pupils coped really well with the new demands of weighty rucksacks and navigating along country paths. They also learnt good practice about walking on the correct side of the road (on the verge into traffic) and correct use of the high-vis vests at the front and back of the groups.


There were lots of smiles as the pupils walked (or in some cases raced) back into Abbey Gate to be debriefed and they all look forward to the assessed expedition at the end of the activity week.


A further day of training, feedback and reflection will take place this coming Wednesday to adjust and plan their route cards for the assessed will stand them in good stead for the challenge ahead.