Fun in Foundation thumbnail image Fun in Foundation Published on 23rd March 2022

Lessons for our Foundation children are often led by their enquiring minds – finding ways to explain the context of what they are learning.

Smaller class sizes at Abbey Gate College enable a large degree of flexibility around how the curriculum is delivered on a day to day basis. Two great examples of this​ were experienced by the children today in their phonics, literacy and science lessons.

In their Floppy Phonics ​lesson, the children learnt the digraph ‘ai’ for aim. To help them understand what aim meant and develop their knowledge of the ‘ai’ sound they went outside and learnt how to use a bow and arrow. The children them took aim and fired!

Later, in their literacy lesson whilst reading the text ‘Hattie Peck The Journey Home’, they came across shadows in the story.

The class decided they needed to learn what a shadow was, so watched a short video and went outside to explore and play with their own shadows. The children found they could not lose their shadow, however hard they tried, but enjoyed chasing​ then drawing around each other’s shadows.

They learnt that when the sun is low in the sky their shadow is longer.

All in all, it was a pretty great day in Foundation!