Infant and Junior School Experience a Day of Awe and Wonder thumbnail image Infant and Junior School Experience a Day of Awe and Wonder Published on 20th October 2022

Our whole Infant and Junior School recently took part in a day exploring ‘Awe and Wonder’.

The children worked in their class groups exploring a variety of topics and questions such as: 

  • What makes us feel awe? 
  • What are our big questions in life? 
  • Why do we like to find answers? 
  • What makes something sacred? 
  • Why is feeling awe important? 
  • Why and how is wonder good for me? 
  • How can I bring more awe and wonder into my life? 

Lessons encouraged pupils to engage with their sense of curiosity, inviting and exploring the feeling of awe and wonder in our everyday lives. They reflected on the sensations of awe whilst exploring some of the triggers for this feeling, focusing in particular on our emotional responses to the world around us. 

They were encouraged to ask big questions and feel engaged and confident with the idea of the ‘unknown’, learning to embrace the mystery and magic of life as something to cherish and treasure. Lessons invited practices for recognising and appreciating wonder in the everyday as well as the wider world. 

It truly was a fantastic day of learning and exploration.