ISA North Region Cross-Country – Perseverance from the I & J Running Club Pays Off! thumbnail image ISA North Region Cross-Country – Perseverance from the I & J Running Club Pays Off! Published on 9th February 2022
Following a difficult and frustrating two years of cancellations, most recently last October, what a fantastic return to Cross-Country Championships this event turned out to be!
The children of AGC Junior Running Club have braved the toughest of conditions, arriving at school for 8:15am every Thursday, particularly this term, to develop their running over 2,000+ metres, paying attention to sprint starts and finishes in preparation for this Cross-Country championship. And it certainly paid off with overall Team results showing great improvement on previous years.
The event at Scarisbrick Hall School required team results to register, and there needed to be at least four members per race. Unfortunately, the girls only had three per age group, which was a shame as their collective results were so impressive in both age groups.
The boys, however, did have the four representatives, and out of 23 participating Teams (including some very big schools) the year 3/4 team finished 12th and the year 5/6 team finished a very respectable 9th!
Individual results were equally impressive against a field of more than 120 competitors per race!
Notable results were Amber 27th, Amelie 28th, Ben 25th, Darcy 22nd and Caelan 25th in their respective races, and a special mention goes to Max in J5 who finished 14th against some giants of year 6!
As ever, our students were a credit to the College and a pleasure spend a cold and drizzly day with!
A huge thank you to Mrs Kinsey and Mrs Ward for their able assistance and company!
Well done all! Mr Butcher