Sibling Success at Swim Wales Development Gala thumbnail image Sibling Success at Swim Wales Development Gala Published on 27th June 2022

Siblings Jack and Charlotte Leatherbarrow (years 9 and 7 respectively) are often found on the podium at swimming events.

This weekend was no exception, when yesterday they competed in the Swim Wales Development gala at the National Pool in Swansea.
What a great day in the water for them both! Lots of fantastic technique on display, both achieving many new long-course PBs and bringing a massive haul of medals home to boot.
Jack swam in 5 races, with medals in all; 2 x gold, 2 x silver and 1 x bronze medal
Charlotte swam in 7 races, scooping 6 medals: 1 x gold, 4 x silver and 1 bronze medal (and 1 x 4th place)
Many congratulations to them both.