Sixth Form Students thumbnail image Sixth Form Students Published on 26th October 2023

In mid- of October, eight Sixth Form Drama and Music students performed at two local care homes; Dee Water Grange and Grosvenor Manor. These community links have been made as an extension of the work both departments already participate in every Monday afternoon with our local primary schools.

Olivia (Year 12) recounts her experience of the events:

‘I really enjoyed speaking to all of the residents afterwards; many shared that they were pleased to see people of our age performing and enjoying the arts. Many of them said they had played musical instruments, sang or acted when they were our age. They welcomed the reminder and spoke very fondly of their own days participating in drama and music activities, such as the years they spent in their school choir. I truly felt it was a privilege to have an opportunity to give back to the local community through the Performing Arts.

As someone who loves drama, it was really special to be given the opportunity to share something I enjoy so much with other members of my community. My favourite thing about drama is the way in which it transcends the barriers of age and time, and it was special to see that reflected in the way that the residents enjoyed the performances from different time periods. To see pieces from the 1600s, 1960s and more contemporary pieces all equally enjoyed was quite special. In engaging with the residents of the care homes, we developed a deeper understanding and greater empathy for the challenges they go through, which I think will have an extremely positive impact on all of us.  

 I hope that the residents of the care homes enjoyed our performances and our time there as much as we did. The whole experience served as a reminder of the positive impact small acts of kindness and creativity can have on a community. It will provide inspiration to all of us in our future endeavours and it reminded me of the importance of connecting with our community and fostering empathy through the arts. I am very much looking forward to visiting them again.’

Well done and thank you to Sixth Form pupils; Olivia, Dylan, Hayden, Christina, Issie, Henry, Bethan and Izzy for sharing their talents and passion for Performing Arts with our local community.

Miss Anger (Head of Drama) and Mr Andrews (Head of Music)