Student Success at 2 Day Inter Schools’ Equestrian Event thumbnail image Student Success at 2 Day Inter Schools’ Equestrian Event Published on 25th September 2023
During the Summer Half Term break, then Year 9 student Jemima Young and her 15 year old grey gelding Glasha Rover competed at the Stonleigh Riding Club Two Day Inter-Schools’ event.
The event consisted of dressage and show-jumping on the first day, followed by roads and tracks event, a steeplechase and a cross country course on day two.
This is one of very few events these days that include the ‘long format’ of roads and tracks, and a steeplechase as well as a cross country course as part of the event – a very full programme!
Jemima represented our College in the 80cm schools class.  She came third individually and third as part of a mixed team with members of Princethorpe College.  As Abbey Gate College is registered with ISA, Jemima was eligible for that section too, where she came second individually and her team won overall in the National Schools’ event.
It was a really exciting weekend that had required much preparation for Jemima, particularly in ensuring her mount Rover was fit enough for the phases on day two. This had involved taking him to the gallops to prepare him.
It also demanded that Jemima worked out how fast to complete the sections on day two as each had a set distance and optimum time for completion; outside of which penalty points accrued.
Jemima and Rover finished on her day one dressage score and thus without any penalties from the show-jumping or the second days’ phases.
Congratulations to Jemima and Glasha Rover!