Year 13 Biology Students Brave the Elements thumbnail image Year 13 Biology Students Brave the Elements Published on 16th October 2023

Biology Field Trip Report, written by Rhys D


On October 11th, the Year 13 A-level biology students went to Loggerheads Country Park in North Wales to conduct a field study on the various biotic and abiotic factors that impact the population of Freshwater shrimp in the River Alyn.

The weather forecast was not ideal and on arriving in the car park, the heavens opened. Despite our soggy start, we set off to the river with high spirits and plenty of laughter.

Once we were in the river, the rain eased slightly as we began to take our samples, measuring the pH, temperature and flow rate of the river to see how this affected the number of Freshwater Shrimp found in each sample.

At about 10 o’clock the weather changed again, this time to even heavier rain. But with the help of some local dogs we kept working, trying to complete as many samples as possible before we were washed away.

After catching the shrimp in each sample using a kick net, and taking all the necessary measurements of the river, we waded back across to the bank to count them, where we were helpfully joined by Terry the Toad.

Once all the holes in wellies had been discovered and half the river had been brought back with us to the bus, we changed into fresh, dry clothes and ate our lunch in the shelter of the bus.

We gratefully headed to the café to warm up and have a hot chocolate, courtesy of Mrs Dolan.