Year 9 Complete Their DofE Bronze Expedition thumbnail image Year 9 Complete Their DofE Bronze Expedition Published on 14th June 2023
Year 9 were the first of our DofE Assessed Expedition groups to head out for their assessed expedition, which took place during activity week in early June
Students were dropped off bright and early in Tarporley ready for their expedition. Despite the 26 degree weather forecast, it was a chillier start than some expected! Following the arrivals of the Mountain Leaders each group was raring to go, and after a quick check of the routes they’d planned in their training day with Miss Wood and the packing of tents and trangia’s into rucksacks, they were heading off to navigate their way towards camp just as the sun broke through. Initial reports from checkpoints showed there’d been a strong start with groups making quick time.
As the day heated up, the groups made good progress, arriving at camp in high spirits after a positive day. Camp was set up quickly and efficiently and students happily settled down for a well-deserved rest. Our pitch at the camp site provided ample shade from the sun. After a rest break and catch up with other students, each group settled down to cook dinner. We had a wide variety on this occasion, with the usual pasta options but also the surprise of some marinated searing steak! This definitely attracted the attention of other groups.
The longer days meant there was plenty of time to clear up camp after dinner; storing rucksacks and washing trangia’s ready for the morning followed by an impromptu game of cricket turned rounders. Students were able to socialise and relax before an evening briefing with the ML’s before getting into their tents for some much needed sleep.
There was a slow start he next morning as some students needed multiple wake up calls to rouse themselves from their tents but by 07:30 they were all up and on to the task of cooking breakfast. As the bleary eyed began to wake up more the pace picked up and with another day of glorious weather in front of them, the eagerness to get going began to build.
After a quick check of routes, camp was left spotless, and our groups were out navigating towards Delamere Forest and the finish line.
With impeccable timing, all 8 of our groups managed to arrive in the allocated pick-up slot of 15:00 – 15:30 and were handed back to their parents for a much-earned break over the weekend.
Congratulations Year 9 on completing your expedition section!