Year 9 Students Awarded Bronze Arts Award thumbnail image Year 9 Students Awarded Bronze Arts Award Published on 28th June 2023

The Drama department are delighted to announce that all Year 9 Drama students have successfully completed their Bronze Arts Award.

Bronze Arts Award develops young people’s artistic abilities alongside their research and communication skills. This level involves them in the arts as creators and audience members, and encourages them to take their first steps towards leadership by sharing their learning with others.

The qualification develops art form knowledge and creativity alongside reflective practice, problem-solving skills and confidence. Young people complete a portfolio as their Arts Award journey progresses, explaining what they’ve seen, done and learned along the way. 

For our students to achieve Bronze Arts Award, their portfolio must include evidence of:

  • actively participating in any art form
  • experience at least one arts event and reviewing it
  • researching the career and work of an artist or craftsperson
  • passing on an arts skill

Miss Anger (Head of Drama), who introduced Arts Award to the College this year commented on how far the students had developed, not only as performers, but also as communicators over the course of the year.

She said, ‘It has been my privilege to watch how the Arts Award has enabled so much growth, both in terms of skills, but maybe more importantly, in terms of confidence this year. I am so proud of the Year 9 Drama pupils who have worked so diligently, but also had so much fun this year!’

The Arts Award moderator, who was thoroughly impressed by the students’ work and reflection, particularly praised the use of OneNote to document the vast array of written, video and pictorial evidence the students had created.

A huge congratulations to all Year 9 students who have gained this external award!