During Art, pupils are taught the formal elements of line, tone, form, texture, colour and pattern. Along with painting and drawing, pupils will be encouraged to explore a wide range of processes, media and techniques including sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and textiles.

The courses key aims are;

  • To promote a strong sense of aesthetic awareness
  • To develop an understanding of the historical, cultural and commercial importance of art
  • To develop a wide range of practical and artistic skills
  • To encourage curiosity and independence



Year 7

In Year 7 pupils are taught the formal elements of line, tone, form, texture, colour and pattern. Pupils are introduced to the concept of keeping a personal sketchbook to record creative ideas and progress.


Year 8

In Year 8 pupils continue to develop their understanding of the formal elements but also increase their use of media and techniques. Pupils begin to explore ceramics and sculpture alongside the traditional skills of painting and drawing.


Year 9

In Year 9 pupils are encouraged to work in an increasingly independent manner in preparation for the GCSE course. Formal skills are consolidated but pupils are also encouraged to think about the role of art in society and produce personal creative responses to issues concerning the world at large.



The GCSE course continues to extend the skill level of pupils and introduces them to an ever increasing repertoire of techniques. Pupils have the opportunity to experiment with computer generated art, glass, printmaking and textiles. Work becomes more independent as the course progresses.


Educational visits and extra curricular activity

All students have the opportunity to take part in organised Gallery visits. The Art Department also welcomes visiting artists into the classroom and students have the invaluable opportunity to work alongside a range of practitioners, extending their knowledge of techniques and applying new skills.


Rooms and resources

The Department is housed in three purpose built rooms including a designated 6th form studio. Pupils have access to computers, scanners, cameras, a kiln, printing presses and sewing machines.