Able, Gifted and Talented
Inspiring our children to shine

At Abbey Gate College we recognise that all pupils are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses, gifts and talents.  Excellence in all areas is encouraged and celebrated throughout a pupil’s school career whilst developing and supporting their future beyond school.

We consider that every pupil has the right to be included in a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum; and that each pupil is entitled to have the opportunity to be involved in appropriate education which challenges, motivates and rewards them, so that they can fulfil their individual potential.

Throughout their time at Abbey Gate College ‘Able, Gifted and Talented’ pupils become involved in a wide range of challenge activities both curricular and co-curricular. Activities this year have included science and mathematics Olympiads, stretch and challenge days at Glyndwr University, along with the NACE photographic, national essay writing and MiSAC microbiology poster competitions. We hope to further increase our challenge days through partnerships with external bodies including the University of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

During lessons pupils are encouraged to develop their multiple intelligences through the use of higher order thinking questions. This style of questioning allows pupils to analyse information in detail, whilst applying their gained knowledge to new scenarios. They learn to synthesis and compile the information in a new and different way, justifying their outcome.

Lateral thinking problems, such as Dingbats, are a great way to further develop thinking skills and can involve all pupils. Puzzles are often used in lessons to stretch and challenge the pupils and engage them on the topic being studied. We provide our more able pupils with termly challenge activities, which aim to develop their problem solving skills in a fun and exciting way outside of the classroom environment. Additionally, all of our more able students have access to IGGY, an online community aimed at connecting and challenging the world’s brightest young minds.