Identifying pupils’ individual strengths and skills


Abbey Gate College’s Shine Club is an extra-curricular club, held on a Tuesday lunchtime which looks to facilitate new friendships in a fun and safe place.

The club aims to enable pupils to:

1.       Develop an awareness of their natural abilities

2.       Develop an awareness of their own skill set

3.       Improve current skills and develop new skills

4.       Appreciate that everyone is a unique individual

5.       Recognise how they can use their unique talents and skills to shine

For some pupils, identifying their individual strengths and skills can prove a challenge as they are too busy focusing on what they cannot do and how they should improve. With coaching and guidance pupils can increase their self-awareness and belief in their own ability, as they learn to recognise what they are already good at and how they can use their unique skills and talents to make a difference.

Pupils attending Shine will take part in a range of fun and interactive activities involving creativity, problem solving and self-reflection, helping them to recognise and acknowledge their skills and talents. In turn their self-belief and confidence in their own ability will increase.

Pupils from Years 7, 8 and 9 are welcome to join.