Infant and Junior School Wellbeing Day at Abbey Gate College thumbnail image Infant and Junior School Wellbeing Day at Abbey Gate College Published on 28th April 2023
Wellbeing day looked a little different at IJS this year, as the pupils explored how two aspects of our curriculum, Geography and History, can improve wellbeing.
The pupils began the day with an interactive assembly where we explored how knowing about our past can help us feel grounded and improve our sense of belonging. They also looked at how understanding local geography and exploring geographical fieldwork can connect us more to where we live and enhance our wellbeing through understanding the outdoors.
The pupils then spent the day exploring various local history studies, such as, ‘What did the Anglo-Saxons do for Aldford?’ or ‘How has our school changed through time?’. The pupils also developed their mapping skills, using interactive mapping programs, compass work, and field study, to understand and map features of our locality and recognise human and physical features.
Much fun was had throughout the day, with pupils working together, exploring the outdoors, getting physical through field study and enjoying finding out more about Aldford.
Thank you to all the teachers for their energy, enthusiasm, knowledge of Aldford and local insights, and fabulous engaging lessons and activities. We can’t wait to do more!